Who are we ?

A company on a human scale, expert in polyester resin derivatives


Industrial paints producer


Formulation and manufacture of polyester resin derivatives

Our history

Founded in 1978, PDMFAB was initially, under the name Peintures du Médoc, a producer ofindustrial glycerophthalic and polyurethane paints.

Subsequently, we quickly specialized in the formulation and manufacture of derivatives of polyester resins, gelcoats, mastics, casting compounds, coloring pastes and the distribution of polyester resin, glass fibers, mold release products and catalysts.

a dynamic team at your service

PDMFAB is a team of 18 professionals (operators, technicians, chemists, sales and administrative staff) at your service and at your service. We all work together in a benevolent microclimate and with a real team spirit to provide you with expertise and tailor-made responses to each of your needs.

PDMFAB sales team

The sectors of activity to which we address

Naval constructions

Sanitary industry

Agricultural industry

Building industry

Isothermal bodies

Various manufacturers of industrial parts

Swimming pools

And many others