Our products

A range of products derived from various resins

All of our products are designed, manufactured and distributed by us in France or internationally and can be adapted and made to measure to best serve the specific and specific needs of our customers.

PDMFAB also provides you, in addition to its products developed and manufactured by its teams, other product ranges developed by partner brands.

All our products are subject to systematic quality controls on each batch before they are marketed.

We deliver directly to France, DOM TOM and through our various distributors abroad.

The PDMFAB range


Our Complete Line of Gelcoats for the Composites Industry

  • Semi-isophthalic for industrial applications
  • Sandable for parts to be repainted
  • Pure isophthalic for marine applications
  • Iso NPG for the sanitary and swimming pool industry
  • Special epoxy hanging
  • Vinyl ester for chemical resistance
  • New generation with low styrene content
  • Fire resistance for M1 classification


Range of adhesives and sealants

For any type of structural bonding or other, fiber or non-fiber, lightened, vinyl ester.


Gelocoat based on Vinylester

For the manufacture of polyester gelcoat isovinylester molds for the production of polyester molds.


Range of coloring pastes

For the pigmentation of polyester gelcoats and resins. Without monomers.


Range of resins

For the manufacture of One-shot molds.


Range of polyester fillers

For preparing models or resurfacing, wood, metal, cast iron support.


Range of sprayable materials

For the composites industry as a replacement for reinforcements, glass fibers, felts.


Range of casting masses

Intended for the sanitary ware industry, sinks, shower trays.


Polyester sealants range

For any type of repair, machinable, spatulable or projectable version for models.


Direct gloss gelcoat

Intended for modelers, allows to obtain a mirror effect. Without paraffin.


Custom-formulated polyester resins

According to the specifications of our customers, tinted RTM application, direct application on polystyrene.

PDMFAB - Realization of the model with our products
Realization of the model with our products

The other brands we distribute

We distribute various brands for the composite industry.

Résines polyester

Wide range of polyester resins: orthophthalic for general lamination, isophthalic for swimming pools and boats, inclusion, improved fire behavior, for classification M, epoxy vinyl ester for general use and for anticorrosion.


Glass fibers all grammages, felts, special reinforcements, …

  • MAT 300/450 / 600gr / m2 EMULSION for general applications
  • MAT 150/300/450/600 gr / m2 POWDER for swimming pool applications or chemical resistance
  • Thread projection and winding
  • ROVING-MAT 300/300, 500/300, 500/450, 800 / 300gr / m2
  • FELTS 2-3-4mm
  • GLASS VEIL 30gr / m2
  • PU foam panel, honeycomb panel, AIREX PVC foam panel, Serge Bibiais carbon rollers

Produits de démoulage

  • General range: waxes in paste, liquids, mold rim, mold cleaners.
  • Semi-permanent release agent range
  • Plastiline: industrial modeling clay

Mousse Polyuréthane

Closed cell expanded polyurethane foam


Complete range for the polymerization of polyester resins


Silica, talc, calcium carbonate, microballoons, glass beads, staple fibers, graphite powder


Acetone, monomeric styrene, waxed styrene and others.